A new world is never what it seems, especially when stepping through a portal with two soulmates in tow.


Since cracking open the Gate of Aramath, Aelfric is still at large, and I am on the run from the Council after being falsely convicted of treason.


However, Faerie holds its own surprises. Not only am I balancing time between Caden and Ryn who are vying for my attention, the three of us and the four other Guardians fated to protect me must navigate life among the Seelie Court without getting scathed.


When we journey to Oberon’s Forest in search of the weapon to thwart Aelfric’s plans, we realize he and the Council aren’t our only enemies. The forest won’t give up its secrets easily, and a small faction’s intentions of keeping the hybrid princess from her throne heat up when the Council puts a bounty on my head.


But none of this is as difficult as the lesson the Creator wants to teach me. I am his Champion. With the clock ticking, I have to find the inner strength I didn’t know I had.


If I don’t-Aelfric wins, and all worlds fall.

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